First time log in for XCIPTV


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I’m trying to log in for the first time with the username and password given but I’m not understanding the panel type to select??
In a text message, it tells me to select the panel to what subscription I have. It gives me 3 different names but I’ve tried entering them in the 3 different panel types and none of the work.
I’m new to this, so please can someone assist?
The guy that set me up with he package is non responsive or when he is, his feedback is a joke


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I have a VPN. I have a username and password. How to I login using a Xtreme code login??
I got told to chose panel going by the subscription I paid for. Under that it listed 3 names.
js media
blacklist premium
I have no idea how to use these names. I tried entering all of them in the different panels but no success
Sorry, I’m not sure how to do that? Can you send me a private message with your email address?? Not really up to speed with stuff like this
Hey there @Bungalow1969

I am following upon the resolution of this.

Were you able to get it sorted out and working?

There is a stock unmodified version of XCIPTV you can get from the downloader app 306118. It is not a custom app or anything. All you should have to do is type in the short code, install and enter your XC login info.

Let us know if your still having issues.
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