Apps I use with my Samsung TV [Tinzen OS] [Not SIPTV]


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Please note, I never condone using a TV as your primary device for watching IPTV.

First the good. I know how hard it can be to find an IPTV app for all you Samsung TV owners with Tinzen OS. Especially that include your providers EPG. Below is a list of apps that I have had success with.

The not so good, they all require a small yearly fee ($12usd or less at time of writing). I have done my best to find free ones but they are flat out not good. Either bad organization, no spot for EPG, or poor performance.

Smartone IPTV My favorite Good looking and easy to navigate interface, playlist/xtreme added through website.

MK IPTV Not as pretty an interface, but only one to offer adding playlists/xtreme in app.

Ego IPTV Would rank above MK IPTV for interface. However, site has been unstable of late (doing updates I believe) the website is used to add playlists/xtreme so worth paying attention to.
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Finding the right IPTV application for Samsung TVs with Tizen operating system is a real challenge. Although there are some paid options such as Smartone IPTV, MK IPTV and Ego IPTV, free applications often do not meet the needs and lack stability. However, the choice between good experience and reasonable cost remains an important issue.
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