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Hello All,

Ive been using Allplayer IPTV on two Lg tvs with lifetime sub for over a year now. before this I was using Smarters until the provider I have changed urls and Smarters wouldn’t connect without paying to register the new url.
I find this app very good. While I cannot say exhaustively that this is “the best app“ out there for Lgtv’s, I can say it has some very great features, great layout, catch-up player on live tv, ability to move around your channel lists, hide unwanted channels, fast opporation, lg magic remote works great.

As with most all apps, they are a bit of a “ work in progress “ when it comes to ironing out the kinks.This app has a few annoying “kinks” that need fixing. I’ve reached out to the support email several times and have never received a reply. Is there anyone here who can get there attention or provide me with an email to contact the support team.
Husham, I bought my Lifetime subs through this website, do you have a way to pass-on this info?

With a few “tweaks” I believe this would become the envy or the IPTV app market.

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