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"a device on your network is streaming"


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Hi all. So my setup is an Unraid 'server', with a shared Kodi database run by mariadb. I have X2 Nvidia Shields in the house on the network (all wired), and it all works perfectly. However, when I'm watching a film on one of the shields, my phone will have a notification showing that a device on my network is streaming (it mentions Kodi in brackets), and I'm somehow able to control playback of the film with my phone (pause, stop, play, etc).
I've not connected my phone to any of the devices in any way, other than being on the same network. Maybe it's because the shield is using my Google account, as is my phone? I'd like though to prevent Kodi being interacted with by my phone, but can't see any settings for it. Has anyone see this before?


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Yes. It's because both your phone and your tv using the same Google email address
So it's not something to worry. It's just something to make things easier

Yo prevent this you can add password and block remote access form the setting