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so in case you need to change or add logo if it's important

open cydia app
and search for this app
View attachment 233

install it and after install open app and make the setting like the next 2 pic
View attachment 234 View attachment 235

go to your app
and press long hold
i will give you option to change the icon

View attachment 236

press on replace from photo library

View attachment 237

and then successfully change the icon perfect and full working
View attachment 238

One last thing i tried to add the app. but the team work refused to add file cause it's big file 50.4 MB
but website team they just want us to watch their Ads. so they can make money

so just ask i will send you link
contact me on my twitter @dolcecrew
shame it is jailbreak required :(


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But I don't understand i have IPTV Smarters Pro on mine iPhone and iPad from the Appel store for free
but if i go now on the Appel store cant find it anymore i think they removed but mines is still working


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Yes apple store removed it from store
So don’t delete from iPhone
How ever if you got new iPhone or reset your iPhone you won’t be able to find it any more and this why I made post how to install in such case like that ...
But I change 2 times all ready from iPhone and i still have it and working perfectly, okay but thank you anyway