1. B

    Looking for NZ IPTV provides

    I am looking for New Zealand channels and sport PPVs mainly ufc and f1. I will take offers for both FHD and UHD and I would like to have one that supports tivimate
  2. J

    TiviMate EPG Source

    Good evening, Tivimate Premium TV guide displays no information for every channel. I've deleted cache, updated EPG, restarted device, and not having any luck. Does anyone have recommended EPG source that came out when tivimate had a bug with the new update
  3. K

    EPG and Apollo

    Is anyone else having trouble with the tivimate EPG? All of the devices at my house (firesticks) will not show anything other than no information. (We have Apollo TV). My inlaws are also having the same problem so I find it unlikely this is an issue on our end when it's all of the devices at...
  4. G

    Tivimate throws: An error occurred: code 404

    Hello, Since more than a week now I get error code 404. The error appears on every chanel. Here's a screenshot (the app is in Cyrillic). It seems like the app is trying to load the chanel three times and after the third attempt it throws the error. I tried with cleaning the tivimate cache...
  5. KCTVStore

    Amazing IPTV Service - UK/US Channels plus so much more

    If you reading this then your looking for a IPTV Service Here at KCTVFLIX we offer an amazing package..... MORE INFO Over 5000 UK and Worldwide Channels (In FHD, HD and SD) Live Sports from around the World Watch Every Game from the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and...
  6. S

    Tivimate IPTV

    I didn't receive the M3U URL with the relative username and password after subscribing to the premium package.
  7. A

    Channels in Favourite list disappear

    Hi all I keep getting this case from time to time, when I open the app I find the favourite list empty ( no channels added) It started since February 2022, I just updated the app to version 4.4.0, and I have android tv box, but thought to check with you guys if anyone got this issue.
  8. K

    FireTV recording only last 2-3 minutes then some

    Just working with Tivimate 4.2.0 and finding that my recording only record for 2-3 minutes even though the tv show is an hour long. Sometimes it records the whole thing but I find that 80% of recordings do not. I have tried to just push record this show "Record" and also tried "Custom...
  9. M

    Tivimate problems with MAC faststream servers

    hi guys, i bought the tivimate license, but i have a problem. use with another application (iptv extreme) the MAC of the faststream server without problems. with tivimate instead, it does not manage them. am I wrong something? here are some examples http://spab9.faststream.link:8080/c/...
  10. W

    Cant Sign up to premium

    Ok so short story I used the Tivimate companion app to sign up and i got the one year what I didn't realise till I had checked out was the I had put a extra letter in my tivimate account email. I then made a new Tivimate email and tried to sign up again after cancelling the trial on the other...
  11. C


    Tivimate Has the ability in the live TV portion ..to block individual channels or hide individual channels… But the VODs section is a different story… Cannot find an option that will hide or disable a channel in the VOD section ..It’s either save to watchlist or play… Am I missing something or...
  12. R

    Unable to rewind or fast forward Tivimate recordings

    All of the recordings I'm making with Tivimate will not respond to the fast-forward or rewind controls. I'm only able to pause them. Is anyone else encountering this, and if so, does anyone have a solution?
  13. R

    Cannot Login Tivimate

    Hi, I try since Yesterday to add a new MI Box to My TIVIMATE premium suscription, I payed for 5 devices 3 months before... I get always message "can't log you in try later" !!! When I try to reset Password, I don't get the email with the link to change the Password !
  14. J

    Is there a way to Clear cache from tivimate automatically?

    I have noticed that clearing cache from reduces buffering to a great degree. Is there a way to Clear cache from tivimate automatically? It is a hassle to go through all steps to access android app settings to do it. Does tivimate have an option to clear the cache? Thank you.
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