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    Tivimate IPTV

    I didn't receive the M3U URL with the relative username and password after subscribing to the premium package.
  2. A

    Channels in Favourite list disappear

    Hi all I keep getting this case from time to time, when I open the app I find the favourite list empty ( no channels added) It started since February 2022, I just updated the app to version 4.4.0, and I have android tv box, but thought to check with you guys if anyone got this issue.
  3. K

    FireTV recording only last 2-3 minutes then some

    Just working with Tivimate 4.2.0 and finding that my recording only record for 2-3 minutes even though the tv show is an hour long. Sometimes it records the whole thing but I find that 80% of recordings do not. I have tried to just push record this show "Record" and also tried "Custom...
  4. M

    Tivimate problems with MAC faststream servers

    hi guys, i bought the tivimate license, but i have a problem. use with another application (iptv extreme) the MAC of the faststream server without problems. with tivimate instead, it does not manage them. am I wrong something? here are some examples http://spab9.faststream.link:8080/c/...
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    Cant Sign up to premium

    Ok so short story I used the Tivimate companion app to sign up and i got the one year what I didn't realise till I had checked out was the I had put a extra letter in my tivimate account email. I then made a new Tivimate email and tried to sign up again after cancelling the trial on the other...
  6. C


    Tivimate Has the ability in the live TV portion ..to block individual channels or hide individual channels… But the VODs section is a different story… Cannot find an option that will hide or disable a channel in the VOD section ..It’s either save to watchlist or play… Am I missing something or...
  7. R

    Unable to rewind or fast forward Tivimate recordings

    All of the recordings I'm making with Tivimate will not respond to the fast-forward or rewind controls. I'm only able to pause them. Is anyone else encountering this, and if so, does anyone have a solution?
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    Cannot Login Tivimate

    Hi, I try since Yesterday to add a new MI Box to My TIVIMATE premium suscription, I payed for 5 devices 3 months before... I get always message "can't log you in try later" !!! When I try to reset Password, I don't get the email with the link to change the Password !
  9. J

    Is there a way to Clear cache from tivimate automatically?

    I have noticed that clearing cache from reduces buffering to a great degree. Is there a way to Clear cache from tivimate automatically? It is a hassle to go through all steps to access android app settings to do it. Does tivimate have an option to clear the cache? Thank you.
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