1. J

    TiviMate EPG Source

    Good evening, Tivimate Premium TV guide displays no information for every channel. I've deleted cache, updated EPG, restarted device, and not having any luck. Does anyone have recommended EPG source that came out when tivimate had a bug with the new update
  2. K

    EPG and Apollo

    Is anyone else having trouble with the tivimate EPG? All of the devices at my house (firesticks) will not show anything other than no information. (We have Apollo TV). My inlaws are also having the same problem so I find it unlikely this is an issue on our end when it's all of the devices at...
  3. kvanc_tempest

    Tempest EPG Generator

    Hi Everyone. I would like to intruduce myself and my tool. My name is Kivanc and I am the developer of Tempest EPG Generator which is a single php file, xmltv formatted Epg Generator with full GUI support and many more features. It is fast, completely free to use and available in github from...
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