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    DuplexPlay Finished

    Hi Guys I have 2 devices with DuplexPlay on them and both have ended subscription on them, with no way to renew them is it time to remove them from my devices.
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    Smart IPTV Xtream Player review

    Hi Guys Is anybody else having problems with Smart IPTV Xstream player since update to 2.5.4 please, i am now not able to open the app and use it anymore. When i open the app on my Fire Tablets it starts to download channels only to switch off and return to my start page again and again, and...
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    Migrating Account

    Although i have not be notifyd it does look like they have re-activated my paid app and all is now working.
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    Migrating Account

    Why won't siptv.app answer emails i am still waiting for them to respond to my request to migrate my account don't see why i should have to pay again for there app, anyone else had problem migrating your account not good enough really.
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    Migrating Account

    Hello Guys I have sent siptv.app an email regarding my Smart IPTV 1.77 app on the Firestick, it malfunction last week and is now no good. I have a new Firestick Lite and wish to transfer my paid account to the newer stick which is already to use. Have emailed siptv.app all the details including...
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    Im player

    Hi Husham Did you ever get this sorted Husham wish to give it another try and where is best the place to download it please.
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    Duplex IPTV?

    Hello i have DuplexPlay on my Samsung Smart tv and it's a good app easy to set up and manage, but i would never share my device info with anyone you keep it safe for your own personal use, you will need it to add and edit your playlist only on the internet Duplex web site...
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    Duplex IPTV How to activate

    Thanks Husham i updated my subscription to Duplexplay on my Smart TV via my Tablet and paid the £1.69. Activation all done on Smart TV and made a note of all the details in case of any changes i make.
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    Im player

    Guys needs some help here, i downloaded IMplayer from husham on to my Firestick and install i deleted the file and went back to the homepage, when i started the app nothing would happen and the i got this message from Amazon saying this app is not associated with your Amazon account what's this...
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    Duplex IPTV Full Video review

    Yes, Duplex Player no longer available in Samsung App Store did'nt last long in there.
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    SMART IPTV (SIPTV) on Samsung : issues

    I'm still using the SSIPTV app i downloaded from the Samsung App Store years ago when it was still available, i have auto-update switched off so the app does not disappear and must say it still works fantastic without any problems, as a back up though i have also downloaded Duplex IPTV player...
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    MX Player for Firestick

    Hello Guys Had to do factory reset of my Firestick so i am looking for new updated version of MX Player 1.28 for it anyone know a good link please. Cannot seem to find anything what is available is only outdated versions thanks.
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    Smart Iptv Recommended

    Go to Playstore put IPTV in the Search box and you will see many apps for Android i have many on my boxes including IPTV Smarters pro, Smart GSE IPTV, Xciptv app, Xsteam Player and so on there are many some with small fee. All i would say check if the apps are compatible with your android 5.0.
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    IPTV Smarters Pro on Firestick - safe?

    Yes, you will have no problems with IPTV Smarters Pro i have it on many devices including 2 Firesticks and Android box it's a brillant app, you may also wish to put a VPN on your Firestick for security love my Firesticks so much to watch.
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    Duplex IPTV now fee based

    Well that's peanuts and well worth it good app.
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