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Hello everyone. I'm posting this as have been a user and HUGE fan of the Tivimate app since discovering it a couple of years back.

I'm having a problem with the VOD not having updated for days despite forcing playlists to update.

Have contacted my IPTV provider and they said the xtream api is the same for every app (LTQ is showing updated VOD) so issue must be something to do with Tivi.

I've tried the usual deleting playlist and readding it, clearing the app, uninstalling and reinstalling but the VOD remains the same.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

I really don't want to have to resort to such inferior apps!
I and 9 others have the same problem that seems to have started with ver 4.3, I loaded the same VOD m3u files in VLC and they worked. Does anyone have any idea what is going on.

I deleted the app, cache, settings re-installed still no VOD channels. I along with 9 of my friends are having the very same issue. Wjat gives ? Is there a fix or a news release coming tocorrect this?
OK I think I found the VOD MOVIES. There is no VOD group created however on th left most menus there is a menu item called movies ... this is where I see the movies....Was this a change in design?
Problem is still there for me. Why the hell isnt this being fixed !?!!? How do we get in touch with the ppl in charge for this tivimate ?
I have to force-close app and open again, to update movies and series. They even have the balls to raise the price for premium. What the hell !?!?
Tell me why I should keep paying these scammers money, since they CLEARLY wont fix this big problem for their paying customers.
I assume you have been in touch with your provider to ask if there is a problem at their end.
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