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I have bought the lifetime subscription and I recently loved and installed it all again. Now I do know my password and my email that I used but it keeps telling me on the tv side that I need to complete my purchase on another device. But I log in and use same password and email as the tivimate companion. When on the companion app it says already purchased for another account? Please help and thank you in advance.


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As shown I have purchased the premium a year ago and it should still be active but no chance I sign in on tivimate app on my tv and it keeps
Telling me to unlock premium to buy again
If you are using a VPN..turn it OFF. Make sure you are using the latest version of TiviMate 4.4.0 by checking in your Settings. If not..update the app 1st before trying to activate Premium. Are you using an official version of TiviMate from TiviMate themselves? If not..use the Downloader app and this short code: 721551 to download. Do a reboot of your device and router..then try logging in again.
I am having the same problem. Keep Uninstaller and reinstalling. It will not let me unlock my premium membership. NO VPN On. I keep getting the password is incorrect YET the same password and sign on information that I use allows me to open the companion. I submitted multiple requests for FORGOT PASSWORD waiting on an email to reset. At one point during one of my attempts, frustrated as I was, I even decided to purchase a new lifetime subscription with my other email. Nope. Wouldn't all that. YET, I get notifications from Tivimate at my original email inbox. Oh, the companion app with no devices. I removed them all to try to start over.
UPDATE: I Got the system to accept my information but this is what I get . Code error 401


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