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OK then....I won't consider your service.....LOL
For $10 I'd try it at least once and if you don't like it then what's $10 between friends.
I really enjoy it, has well over 267 USA standard channels then it has all the big sports nfl , nhl and nba. Has team channels for nfl and has over 450 local channels.
Worth a look I'd say.
All the other services I have or have tested offered a channel list or full trial....Just sayin'....
I can generate channel list if you like..
is that what you are asking.
and will wonder if @alteredcarbon allow me to publish channel list
thank you 😊
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Oh yes It is... lol

I'm asking because a lot of services use those for support like when there's issues with service or payments, accounts
All these Service stay one day and then start tracking you the other.
Screw them. User my forum. It's safer. I will never track private chats or do anything crazy like sell your information.
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