Recording From TiviMate to Synology NAS


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Hi guys, does anyone have a set up that they can explain to me how to record from TiviMate which is installed on Fire Cube to a NAS, preferably a Synology NAS? I think one of my problems will be how to direct TiviMate to the NAS to record.
I'm guessing you need to go through 'settings' and set up a connection to the nas via the Tivimate 'storage' setting. I see there's been a lot of views of your post and not one response. I've experienced similar results on tis forum also. Sorry I don't know enough about your issue to add any further technical solutions for you. Good luck with it.
To me it seems far eaiser to get a USB Adapter and connecting an external Hardrive to do the recording. You can always transfer thoes recordings to another device. Getting the Firestick to see the NAS as a storage device is going to be a challange.
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I have my devices (Onn Google TV boxes) connected to my synology NAS. All you need to do is map the shared synology folder from the recordings setting in tivimate using the SMB drive mapping. What's great about it is that you can access all of your recordings in any of your devices at home as long as you all map the SMB share to each device on the same folder path. If you are a VPN user, make sure that your VPN service app allows split tunneling which allows local network access when connected to VPN. I use surfshark and it allows that. Good Luck!
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