Nova tv APK problem

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thanks for your help on this.

On my nova Tv It happens will all movies, once you are in the movie play menu (pause, play, rewind etc) there is no way back to the now tv movie selection menu without having to exit the app completely and sign back in. I have tried pressing all arrow buttons, double pressing all arrow buttons & back button, all to no avail. What button are you using to go from movie play menu to movie selection menu?
Any one ???
Once the movie is playing..I click my down button on the circle around the select button. That brings up the control screen with the “back” arrow already highlighted next to the movie name in the top left corner. When you click it, it will ask you if you would like to exit the player. Click yes and it will take you back to the links. You are exiting the player..not the app. If you keep clicking the back arrow again on each will eventually get you back to the movie selection screen again.
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