how to fast forward watching movie in tivimate??


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Anyone know how to fast forward while watching a movie in tivimate?? I am using a google android chromcast and sony TV neith allow me to fast forward. VLC does.
I don't know with your setup. But with my android box remote whilst watching the recording i just press the OK button and the controls pop up on the screen, you can then pause, RW or FF. You have to press the right or left button then the ok button to FF or RW a few seconds at a time or keep the OK button pressed down. You will not see the picture moving like you would on an old video tape, so it's trial and error to find how far you FF or RW. I have my remote setup so that when i'm watching a recording i just press the right or left button, each press is 10secs. You can set this up in tivimate settings.
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