Game Master Server URL

This website shows that I don’t have active service, show activity from 2019
The site I used to on an enter service tickets was
I replied to your DM
Help please. I have 2 problems.

1) payment portal is down for me
2) is there a new url for service? Service is down for me.
this is a forum for gamers are you two posting because kbeaster decided this was a topdog forum or are you gamers subscribers??
the server hasnt changed for the service, ill dm yoy the payportal because some genius mistyped it in the emails.
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My account has been canceled since 15th of August . When i login to my account to make payment i got error messages. Still now my channels are off.
This what is happening since five days after i sign in to my account.


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you say your account was cancelled thats probably why you csnt login, what can we do for you?
Interested in getting some info on what you have and how much?
there are plenty of providers in the forums for iptv companies, have a look around. we dont have any offerings of our own
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