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I just installed TiviMate on my Nvidia Shield and upgraded to premium. This is a great app but I am getting random freezing on every channel. I have the buffer size at medium and I also tried clearing the cache. I do not get any freezing when watching on another device using the MyTv2 app.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I really would like to use this app.

i'd try clearing cache and unplugging modem and device for a few minutes and then replug modem and then device. also set video decoder to hardware in playback settings.
Still no luck after trying that. I saw that some others are having the freezing issue in the comments when downloading from the Play Store.
there have been random issues with v4 i think. You might try a previous version to see if that helps. do you have applinked??
I tried v3.9 and it still had the same issue so I installed another IPTV app and still had freezing issues. It turns out that there is a problem with this particular Nvidia Shield and IPTV streaming. I can stream Netflix and Prime with out any issues on this box but it will not stream IPTV without freezing. I have 2 other Nvidia boxes that work just fine. I did a factory reset on the box and that still did not resolve the issue so I am going to have to replace this unit with a new one.
damn, maybe an nvidia forum can be of more help then. There may be a setting in the shield that your missing.
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Freezing is usually a provider issue. What is your download stream? If you’re using a VPN, try moving it to another country. Just some additional things to try.
why did it work on the mytv2 app and not tivimate??
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