Can't Record Because Of This


This issue keeps re-appearing when I try to record. It goes away and I'm able to record with Tivimate, then it returns a day or 2 later and I cannot record again.
When I get this "Alarms and Reminders' message I clock on the 'Settings' button and Tivimate already has a checkmark in the "allowed" column.
Rebooting, turning off\on and un-ticking and re-ticking the checkmark makes no difference.

A day or so later it will return to normal where I can use the record function as normal and then it reverta to this message again after another couple of days?
I am using the current Tivimate version. This is very confusing.
Any ideas anyone?

Tivimate.jpgRebooting, turning off etc
Ok .. so no ideas from anone? .. Does anyone know a genuinely direct way to ask the developer?
i don't use tivimate that often to comment any more. Sparkle and progtv are alot better for recording.
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