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smart iptv

  1. I

    Problems on Samsung Smart IPTV

    Hi, I have the following Smart IPTV UE48J5500AWXXN, i have downloaden all the files from your site, with these 2018 Version 1 – www.husham.com/ss2018 2019 Version 1 – www.husham.com/ss2019v1 2019 Version 2 – www.husham.com/ss2019v2 2020 Version 1 – www.husham.com/ss2020v1 2020 Version 2 –...
  2. Quzu TV

    Quzu iptv Amazon Fire Stick and our Android version have been updated

    New features; - 9 different language options. - Channel groups have been brought to the opening screen. - Page up, Page down feature improved. - Movie, TV series information tab has been added to the subband while watching a movie or TV show. - In the details section of the movie or TV...
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