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    TiviMate subscription

    I thought I read $29.00 but I'm not sure. I recommend doing a backup before because No one has mentioned whether they lost their settings or not. (probly because they ran a backup!)
  2. Ed209

    TiviMate subscription

    yes, you must cancel the subscription to tivimate at google play and let it run out. The option for yearly and lifetime sub will then be available afterwards.
  3. Ed209

    Game master panel

    Did you
  4. Ed209

    Stellar Streamz

    If you've tried contacting them through their support ticketing and available emails,complain to your credit card company maybe.
  5. Ed209

    TiviMate subscription

    What's that supposed to be a screenshot of .
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    Recording movies....

    Movies or episodes in view on demand or 24/7 cannot be recorded
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    News / Updates / interruptions

    Thank you for the as it happens updates. Looks goodonya!
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    Recordings are not complete....

    Glad you posted back, much appreciated dude!
  9. Ed209

    Recordings are not complete....

    You can try xfat or ntfs yes!
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    Recordings are not complete....

    How big (gigs ) are the files fat32 has 4gig limit per file.
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    It's updating fine here! Might be a provider issue.
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    It's back now as is .....
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    On occasion it doesn't but they have regular outages it's not the most reliable
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    If you have another subscription, use their epg info for Gamers epg as secondary in Playlist settings