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New profile posts

Hi josh, I’m new to a forum. I don’t know how to post like the others. But my top dog went off today. I was wondering if you could please send me the new website as well and the link for invoice. Thank you very much. [email protected]
i was just wondering if you could help me i am looking for the billing webpage for top dog and i would love to keep paying for the service i am getting
Hello Crystalblue6161, can you please tell me how to DM someone on this site? Am I allowed to post my email so someone can email me?
You click their profile icon or their name to get a pop up box to start a conversation. I wouldn’t recommend publicly posting your email as it opens you up to all kinds of possible problems. Some do it anyways but that’s their business. To each his own.
Thank you. I appreciate the info. ;)
Hi Ya, Hope I find you well.
Any chance you could send me the Top Dog site details please. Been trying to find it to pay my subs (unless it's free now LOL). Thank you in advance.

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Please put any questions you have in a DM (Direct Message). You click the profile icon or the person’s name..start conversation..and type in your question. Replies are found in the envelope at the top of your screen. Look for a number to appear when you have a notification. If you refresh the web page occasionally, you will see replies sooner. Hope this helps! 😉