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I might be interested, I am looking for a replacement Area 51 that I had. I would like to see a channel list and price if possible
Hello John here from Ott make sure to use our Ott platinum player 1.8 you can get it at apkpure.com . I'm here to tell you that with this app you can unlock our services full potential . As our services are virematrix encryption coded and not all players will allow you to access our services . So before you contact our technical experts to say the service is not working . Because we will just ask you to use our app.
On my last invoice it was listed at the top right corner , but they have since changed the url again
If you are new here, a 👍 on your post generally means you have been DM’d a reply to your question/issue or someone else has that issue too. A lot of us don’t type a reply (I’ll DM you or DM’d) as it takes up a lot of space for people who are searching the forum.
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Thanks. That is a new URL from the one I had. The one I had had a ".site" on the end of it. The one you gave me let me login and my account is there. Thanks, bro. :)
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