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Video Freezes on TV Android Box


New member
When watching IPTV the video will freeze, but the audio continues to play. Only happens using TiViMate, Smarters is fine.
Anyone have a similar issue? Suggestions? This only started a couple of days ago.

I won't post a screen shot, because it will just show a frozen screen.


🏖🌴Mike 🌴🏖
Staff member
Try a few things first to eliminate some possibilities. The usual cache clearing shut down the device and gateway/modem for several minutes, restart and see if any of that helped. Try an external video app (I've never had a problem with TiviMate internal), and also try a different app completely to see if it's limited to TiviMate.


Doctor, PHD
Staff member
Also since it just happens in tivimate
Maybe try to make sure you installed official tivimate and not a modded version.

Tivimate is a great application but sometimes need cache clearing so try what @MikeFL said above also
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