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Hi I’m looking for a recommendation for a reliable UK provider with USA channels too, lots of uk and USA series and movies that works well through tivimate premium on a firestick. Would like to trial first though please. I’ve tried searching on this forum but trying to work out which one to try...
Sounds like most of the IPTV companies listed here.
Unfortunately due to rules none of them will jump and say OHOH Its ME LOL 🤣😁

IM happy to say that all IPTV companies here re great in allowing each other to communicate fairly:)

I think you should start with

What device kyj have
And what is your internet provider.

I will be more than happy to guide you step by step. But for IPTV provider. Maybe you need to ask each one directly on a one to one basis. And see who replied and how to proceed. Maybe get one or two or three IPTV companies.

After all. They might surprise you :)
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