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Tivimate Recordings


New member
Wondering if anyone can help me figure out why my tivimate premium recordings are no longer working properly. I've been using it for about a month, have a USB stick connected to my firestick via otg cable and everything worked great with recordings until I recently purchased a new Firestick 4K, set it up ony main tv and switched my USB to the new one.
Have tivimste installed and working, except recordings. Everything I record now either only records for 1 min, or 30-35 minutes, and most times when I click to play my recordings, they either don't work or is not the program I set to record.


New member
it's usually some thing to do with the incorrect time being set in the epg if it's not recording what you have booked.


Active member
you didnt mention whether you setup the path again to a recordings folder through the new stck.