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TiviMate and Xaomi TV-Box Recording


First my set up - Then I'll ask my question

Set up as follows:
1) TV with Xaomi Android TV Box (Mi-Box) connected and running Android 10 with Tivimate Premium installed and IPTV Smarters Pro.
2) External WD USB 2TB HDD is connected to TV box for recording (and working).
3) USB drive is formatted as per Android TV Box requirements and set up as the system device storage folder.

Prior to connecting the USB external drive to the Android TV-Box the drive was formatted as NTFS.
Since connecting teh USB drive to the TV box the same external drive is no longer "readable" by my computer (when removed and connected to my computer).

I am able to use teh USB drive with Tivimate for recording and playback but I cannot remove the drive and read it on the computer.
The computer does not recognize the disk partition\formatting of the usb drive?.

Does any one have a solution which would allow for a USB drive to be disconnected form the TV box and simply connected to a computer to copy\transfer the recorded content?
* This is why I bought the Tivimate and the Xaomi TV-Box.



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does the mibox give the option of formating it as either 'internal' storage or 'external' (removable) storage?


Yes it does, however, while the drive has a status of 'removable storage' .. the mi-box won't record to it or allow the drive to be set as the recording folder. (The mi box demands to 'format the disc in order to be secure'. (which when done puts me back to square one)