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The ugly truth about IPTV payment portals


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The thruth about payment portal .is that it's a information traps you are giving someone that you don't know your credit card info . As well as the information can be sized by the FCC fbi cia federal government as well as hacked by ciber criminals.
We us PayPal all we get it your email and a transaction ID # .
Now that is safe so I ask you why would you put yourself into a situation like that. Alot of you on the forum I see are always asking why and how come your payment portal is not working . Well let me tell you why , because someone has compromised it.or it's been sized by the government FCC or any of the above that I mentioned. So again why do it. Here your info is safe why because we don't have it. Also PayPal can't hand it over all they can do is seize my PayPal account. But again they can't do it either as all our banking is done overseas . And they don't have the authority or jurisdiction to do so. Under the international laws .Thank you and I hope this has opened your eyes 2 a better and safer alternative to IPTV like everything else IPTV has come and it's has seen its day it has reached its full potential it can no longer grow with technology Ott is the new way of broadcasting worldwide quality television so I can sincerely hope that everyone was Fed up of freezing buffering looping and having VOD one day and not having it than x and not being able to pay for their services or having issues of always putting in you or girls are asking for new or old or making tickets and asking question what's going on one day you're up the next day you're down it's going to be like that forever and it's only going to get worse Ott is a new platform it does not and is not affected in copyright laws or infringement laws under the ACT so it is safe to use until they change the laws. But just don't take my word for it the internet is there for you to use inform yourself there's lots information all you have to do is type it and Ott services IPTV Ott IPTV services what are the rules what are the regulations what is the law how is it fall under the information act what can the FCC do how can the FBI get involved it's all there for you to read knowledge is power the more you know the safer you are.and it's not illegal to do banking overseas as long as you don't hide it from the government so an FYI for you guys every major Bank in the US every major Bank in Canada every major Bank in North America at any given time has 30% of their money in foreign banks in case of turmoils in countries like what's going on in the US right now and the dollar value dropped everything is measured in euros and that's why major Banks hold a certain amount of money in overseas banking smart businessman do the same so it's just an added precaution with benefits
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