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Tempest EPG Generator


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Hi Everyone. I would like to intruduce myself and my tool. My name is Kivanc and I am the developer of Tempest EPG Generator which is a single php file, xmltv formatted Epg Generator with full GUI support and many more features. It is fast, completely free to use and available in github from below link;

• Graphical User Interface (GUI) & Optimization For Mobile Devices
• Multiple Website Configuration Support
• The Highest Generating Speed
• The Lowest Memory Consumption
• Multiple Platform Support (Windows/Unix etc.)
• Multiple Async URL Support Up to 10
• Full Support For XMLTV Standart Elements
• Daylight Saving Time(DST) Support For Automatic Time Offset
• Easy Configuration Maker & Editor
• Powerful & Simple Command Syntax For Combo-
• Scrapping Engine Built with Regex (Regular Expression) For
Powerful Operations
• Built-In Cyclone Module to Add Alternative For Failed Channel
• Built-In Time Converter to Change Times of All Shows Into
Requested Time Offset (DST Support)
• Built-In Inverter Module to Transfer XMLTV Elements Into
Description With Requested Order & Style
• Built-In Fusion Module to Keep Previous Dated Shows Up to 15
Days For Catch-Up Service
• Multiple Configuration File Support Up to 5000 Channels For Each
• Remote Access, Operations & Downloading (port-forwarding
• Scheduled Operations (such as crontab etc.)
• Support For Scrapping From HTML, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, PDF
(Experimental) & More…
• Tempest EPG Generator is an approved application for SD(Schedules Direct) JSON API

You can start using currently available siteconfig files (will increase day by day) in github repo or create your owns.


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it is completely free without any hidden cost or channel limitations etc. unlike other generators available. You can have a look below decleration :)

Lol 🤣 love the comments ( magically appear after couple of seconds ). Lol 🤣
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