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TBS Station error in Entertainment


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Yesterday I tried to record 2 Elite 8 basketball games in the Men's Basketball tournament with Tivimate. They were supposed to be on TBS, they were on TBS. I set up the recording, the guide said Basketball in the time slots for the games. I have been doing this all month for the tournament. They recorded fine except when I went to watch it there was a movie, I got a movie recorded instead of basketball, in both time slots. It's probably too late, but what happened? A little TNT logo was in the bottom right corner of the screen but I definitely recorded it on TBS. I didn't check to see if it was accurate in my IPTV provider, should have but was too upset I missed the games. I realize I'm a day late but anything you can help with so it won't happen again?? Thanks


I'm no expert with this but I have experienced similar issues on occasion.
I've had occasions when a scheduled broadcast shows a completely different program other than what the EPG indicates.
I dont think this is anything that we as end users can control, it seems to me that some providers have errors in their EPG data and occasionally there wil be errors which cause programming hiccups.

I have been using this facility for only a few moths and as I said, I'm no expert and could be completely mistaken. Perhaps contact the provider and ask.