Stallion iptv is simply the best

Simply the opposite no support and guide hardly ever works .Besides that its almost useless. I given up trying to get it working for a buddy sub going as they never reply to him .
Shameful really and the 30 day refund LOL thats funny as heck. Once he paid there pull a ghost.
Yet the trail worked great but that was it.
I am now on my second three month subscription no problem so far and I get a reply when I contact them so for me it is the best iptv service I have had
when I first tried the trail it was great. Being I use to apk files only ( I am old dumb on oxygen effects one brain power)
Now its something else from a different site. I have no clue and ask for help and here I sit and this has been for quite some time.
How good is the guide for you works most times or?
I had no support or tutorials which you think that would be available.
I did get a apk but same as Aprils and been a upgrade which I was hoping fix the guide .
To bad the line up offered rocks.
I glad you have better luck bud!!!
I haven’t been able to place an order because it keeps saying that it has been cancelled when trying to process payment.
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