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SSIPTV crashes while starting


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General reason
The app cannot load your playlist due to out-of-memory issue. And as SS IPTV saves its entry point, it tries to load the playlist again and again with every start and crashes again and again.

Case 1: Using playlist with many thousands of items
Environment: Old/weak devices (Samsung 2011, Blueray players etc)
The reason: Old devices don't have enough memory to manage playlist with thousands of items.
Solution: If you used Playlist Editor to upload playlist, remove the list you've uploaded (no matter internal or external). If you don't have access to Playlist Editor anymore see how to make the reset below.

Case 2: Using playlist with external logos.
Environment: Any device may be affected
The reason: SS IPTV uses tvg-logo attribute to display logos from external sources. The normal size of logos should be 5-20kb, but very often users try to upload the lists with very large logos (more than 100kb and even 1Mb). Trying to load the list with such logos may crash the app on any device even if the list isn't too large (less than 1000 items).
Solution: If you used Playlist Editor to upload external playlist, add #nologo=1 at the end of playlist's url. This instruction asks the app not to load external logos.
If you used Playlist Editor to upload internal playlist (from file), open your playlist in Notepad and remove each tvg-logo attribute in it. Then re-upload it using Playlist Editor.
If you don't have access to Playlist Editor anymore see how to make the reset below.

You don't need to make reset if you have access to Playlist Editor on our site, but if you haven't, you may reset app's entry point or remove all the playlists from the app using Recovery Mode
In order to enter Recovery Mode press on your RC right navigation button (→) twice or more while app is starting (you should do that quickly), the app will be opened in Recovery Mode which has 3 buttons:
Soft Reset - clears entry point and stored settings only, doesn't remove any playlists. It will help if an external playlist is the reason of the issue
Hard Reset - clears entry point, stored settings and removes all the playlists from device. It must help in any case of this kind of issue.
Normal Mode - the app just contines to start.