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Smart IPTV Installation Q90R


New member
Hi Husham, Thanks for this video, the installation is not working on my tv for some reason, I have three USB ports, one in the middle is the USB for HDD, the other two on either side are labelled 5v 0.5A. I have tried installing all versions on your site in each of the ports but each time it gives me the option to 'browse' or 'cancel'. Nothing starts automatically. Although I did see it say automatically installing once, but the IPTV didnt appear in the app menu - the file version I used when it did install was the 2018 version. As I didn't see it in my tv menu I tried installing again, but it gave me the 'browse' and 'cancel' option. How can i install this please? I had this before on my TV but i had to reset the tv due to some wifi issue and now I can't get it back? (I have switched off Auto Update!)


New member
I do have U series and no installation starts at all. The only options I have is to browse the folders like photos or videos. I tried all available versions on this website.

Any news about this?