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Smart IPTV for Android


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Download SMART IPTV APK using the link below manually and add it to your Android TV BOX

Click here or use this link – www.husham.com/smartiptvapk

More information - Smart IPTV APK for Firestick Android NVIDIA shield November 2019 Updated - Husham.com APK

Full Changelog for Smart IPTV APK

Updated App version 1.7.4 for Android TV & Fire TV devices
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
2020-10-04 1.7.3

Updated App version 1.7.3 for Android TV & Fire TV devices

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

MAC address on Android version 10+ devices​

Make sure you select Use Device Mac instead of Use Randomized MAC in your device's WiFi network settings (if you are using WiFi connection) Privacy section to avoid getting new MAC address each time you reconnect/restart the device.

  1. Go to Settings ->
  2. Network & Internet ->
  3. Select Network -> Smart IPTV device_mac1
  4. Privacy -> Smart IPTV device_mac Privacy
  5. Use Device MAC Smart IPTV Use Device MAC
2019-11-12 v1.7.2

Check last Playlist update time in App settings
Sort Favourites
Fix for Display Refresh Rate on Fire TV devices
Bug fixes and performance improvements


2019-01-07 v1.7

New application settings added:

Zapping Type - Black Screen or Freeze Screen. Freeze screen will hold previous stream picture before changing to the new one. Black Screen will put black background before switching to the new stream. Does not seem to work on TVs.
Display Refresh Rate (experimental, only if supported by device) - Default / Auto / Device's frame rates. Auto will switch your Display's refresh rate to match the stream refresh rate (24fps, 30fps, 60fps etc). You can set manual frame rate too.
Reload Playlist On Start - change how frequently you want your playlist updated from URL on each app restart: Auto(every time), Manual (from app only), after 3, 6, 12, 24 hours. This will make your app start faster without re-downloading the playlist. The playlist is reloaded every time you Restart / Reload from app's settings.
Autostart On Boot - Run the application automatically upon device/TV reboot, so you don't need to launch it manually.
Application Update (when update is available) - Update the app version automatically from inside the app.

2018-06-24 v1.6.10

Performance improvements

2018-06-15 v1.6.9

Added Set Timer functionality
Remove favourites from main channel menu
External player parental lock fix

2018-06-01 v1.6.8

General bug fixes and improvements

2018-04-04 v1.6.7

Fix for "0" button on Sony Android TV Nougat (7.0)
Fix for some specific types of HLS streams
Various bug fixes and improvements

2018-01-17 v1.6.6

"Low storage" issue fixed
Game controller buttons remapped
Various bug fixes and improvements

2017-08-14 v1.6.5

RTMP support added
Buffer size can be increased to 10 seconds in app's settings
Long press MENU button on Fire TV remote for settings and programme info in channel menu

2017-08-14 v1.6.4

Various bug fixes and improvements

2017-07-05 v1.6.3

Various bug fixes and improvements

2017-06-05 v1.6.2

Added application exit prompt
Added external logos support (tvg-logo attribute in M3U playlist)
Fixed issues with some stream types

2017-05-17 v1.6.1

Fixed issues with some stream types

2017-05-14 v1.6

DVB subtitles support added
UI performance improvements
Various bug fixes

2017-04-03 v1.5.1

Parental lock fixed
Various bug fixes

2017-03-18 v1.5

Channel sorting added
GUI performance improvements
Fixed GUI size for unsupported Android boxes

2017-02-13 v1.4.4

Audio track selection enabled
Remote control keys re-assigned

2017-02-08 v1.4.2

More audio codec support added

2017-02-07 v1.4

Fix Sony Android TVs (XD, SD, ZD series) with Android 6.* firmware
User agent support added
Set buffer size in App settings
Set left/right buttons to change groups in channel menu in App settings
Other bug fixes

2016-12-10 v1.3

Audio track selection (only if detected by your device)
New RED button assignment

2016-11-27 v1.2.3

Extra tools in play mode and channel menu (press and hold OK) for remotes with limited buttons
Adding Favourites
Remote control key reassignment
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Hi Community,

Anyone else have issues whereby for some odd reason I cannot activate the MAC Address of my Huawei P30 Pro using its MAC?

I keep on getting Incorrect MAC popup, very odd?

I've I been using the latest APK 1.7.3, and uninstalled and reinstalled a few times with no further success?
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