Sapphire Secure Website Down

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Yep. Same here. They're back. I briefly lost service right after the portal was restored, (I was on the backup for 2 weeks with no issue), but i was 2 weeks late so I understood (and assumed) that I needed to go to the portal and pay which i did. The only down side to this was the lack of communication on their part to their subscribers but I kinda understand that their primary focus was to keep the backup service running while they squared away the portal conversion (and what ever else they needed to do). The forum is great and keeps us all informed so maybe they were banking on that. Regardless, everything is good to go. Just follow the link that's in one of these threads that's in this topic, make your payment, and you should be good to go. I like the Sap and they did right by me.
I was also using my backup services as I learner awhile ago always have options. I like the service, the only drawback to me is no local channels. My other ones have them.
Invoice received and paid. Also, I'm glad to see that the portal doesn't show as "insecure" now! (I got a warning notice the last couple of times I pulled it up.)
If a website named "Sapphire Secure" is down, it means that the website is currently not accessible or available to users. This can be due to a variety of reasons such as server maintenance, technical issues, or a problem with the website's domain name or hosting. It's also possible that the website has been taken down permanently.

If you want to check a website status, you can use "website down checker" tools such as "IsItDownRightNow" or "DownDetector" that can tell you if a website is down for everyone or just for you.

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