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Reported content: Post in thread 'Reported content: Post in thread 'Game master''


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Post in thread 'Reported content: Post in thread 'Game master'' by Ed209 has been reported by lvpre. Reason given:
False flagging....if this is reported, than 90% of this thread should be reported too.
Content being reported:
Post in thread 'Game master' by lvpre has been reported by Ed209. Reason given:
Offers no help, same message over and over. Seems to have an axe to grind
Content being reported:
The site has come back from maintenance
I mean, it has been a month...time for people to move on. They provided no communication about anything and yet people think they are the only decent sub$10 provider out there. Unless you enjoy playing cat and mouse when wanting to watch live TV, people should find something else. Are you sure that you are connected to them?