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Hey there friends,
As the title suggests, I am currently having some problems with my Smart ipTV app that I have just installed on my Samsung Smart TV. I had to initially contact my subscriber because before, I had a Buzz TV where it's MAC address was registered with them (and according to my subscriber, I can only register and use one MAC address at a time
After them giving me the new URL that will supposedly make my my TV work through the Smart ipTV app, the channel list loaded normally but it keeps on eventually giving me the message of "Cannot connect!" with 99% of my channels. I tried everything from my side (including uninstalling and reinstalling my app again) but nothing works. I am still waiting on my subscriber to respond to me.
Does anyone have any suggestions??
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test you m3u in vlc player on pc, if it does'nt work then maybe m3u is blocked by your provider for 3rd party apps. try other iptv apps for your tv that support m3u link. nanomid player quzu, duplex etc.....
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