Only one issue that I need to figure out.


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I watch a channel say channel 35 HGTV, I Switch to channel 36 Lifetime, I decide to watch hgtv on channel 35 and its no longer hgtv is another network. HGTV actually move somewhere else on the list. Dunno how this happens. I'm sure its a setting .
I have mine set so that it will order according to watch time. Meaning, when you go into a group, the channels most watched will show at top of group (instead of by the order in the playlist). So, If I watched HGTV for a bit, then switched to 36, HGTV may now move higher in the group due to the increased watch time. As I tend to watch the same channels frequently, it makes it easier to find them as they are the first ones listed.

Settings/Appearance/TV Guide/Channels Sorting (changed to By watch time).
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