Nvidia Shield Buffering/Stuttering


Watching IPTV on Nvidia Shield and Firestick 4K in the house. For some unknown reason the IPTV at times buffer/stutters on the Nvidia Shield, even after factory reset numerous times. If I replace it with Firestick 4K then the same IPTV is very smooth with no buffering/stuttering. Strange behavior for a device that I thought was top of the picks. Nvidia Shield has the latest update.
well bet same reason I unplugged my Nvidia Shield & used my fire cubes full time and bet was at least a years go now. I cannot gather from your post that the shield isn't fixed yet. What a shame had great features but not a easy box to work on where your not great on computers yet hoping some starter guy then myself gets it handled.I even have built in hard drive I never used wonder if Guy could even use just to record shows which I never done before either.One day but not today
I've tried many different devices... still have a 4k Fire stick only use when traveling.

Currently own 3 Nvidia Shields (2015,2017 & 2019 Tube) no buffering or stuttering issues at all.

Maybe there's a setting or something?
My shields work good most of the time but not all the time.
I can not make my ring doorbell work with shield ??
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