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New to IPTV and need help.


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I just joined this great forum and I am hoping I can get some help.

I recently moved from IKS to IPTV and so I'm feeling my way around.

I bought a TVIP S-Box v.605. set-top box with a 1 year sub from a local shop. The box is a dual OS type (Linux & Android). The channels are good and clear and I am happy with all the different offerings.

My main problem is the EPG. With IKS, the EPG is great. Not so with IPTV. After a lot of research, I found 2 EPG Apps that I can buy and use. This presents me with 2 problems:
My box is on linux and has to be switched to Android in order to use the 2 apps (tivimate & Implayer). I don't know what the process is to get the apps to work, like I need an MU3 address for the EPG to populate or something like that. This is where things are not clear for me.

The guy who sold me the box told me that in order to switch to android, he would give me an app on a USB stick to trigger the switch over to android and that if I switch to Android, I can not switch back to linux and I would lose my 1 year sub. ( I switched the box over myself to Android by updating to Android but could not log on because I don't have the log on info)

Her is a pic of the provider feed for id purposes. I have no idea who the provider of the service is!

Thanks for the help in advance.

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