New Packages Available!


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Welcome folks!

Please see the sales currently offered below:

Two different services available:

5 Connections, 1 Year, one login… $100 USD.

This service also has the option to be used on a web browser. No need for an app.


6 Connections, 1 year, one login $100 USD

New VOD being rolled out!

Over 30,000 Movies, nearly 10,000 series and a whole lot more.

Solo w/ 5 connections $50/ 6 months or $100 per year.

If added to any of our current promos or yearly services, $50 per year w/ 5 connections.

Requests can be made for additions to the VOD services here so there is always something to watch.

Starting June 27th, 12am EST this service will be on sale.

It is for yearly subscriptions only.

$100 per year, 2 connections, 1 login.

$125 per year, 4 connections, 1 login.

$150 per year, 6 connections, 1 login.

We have multiple services available. The above mentioned is for a specific services. Contact us for details.

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