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Mobus iptv TV Channels with every husham TV BOX


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After speaking with Mobus IPTV Live TV, Every box for Husham TV BOX gets 6 months
Every purchase of the Husham TV box from Shop - Buy.Husham.Com
will be given a free 6 months live TV Channels

Channel list will be published soon
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The website already got the correct prices with out the offer.. The forum users get a chance to subscribe on the current offers until till Monday 28Th after that the prices on the website are the new prices

Forum users Offer prices
1 Month $5 a month
3 Months $14 a month
6 Months $25 a month
12 Months $48 a months

After Monday 28th Prices
1 Month $8 a month
3 Months $24
6 Months $48
12 Months $96

Payment has been a success with bitcoin and will continue to be a crypto payment.
Send payment to bitcoin 36HsjCH5AEtEHFe4jnBsE2RYgjVGiPFfv3

and as before. Please send me a DM after payment and with possible suggestive user name so I may create your user name ;)
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