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Message from steve


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Hi Husham,

ive been a fan off yours for years and i glad that itseems that all your trouble with youtube has been finally sorted out.

The reason i have contacted you is that i have been a subscriber to otttv since 2017 and i am having problems with the repository!!

I have changed my box and when i put the repository in for otttv i get this message:-

couldnt retrieve directory information, this could be due to the network not being connected

The repository i have been using is the following:-


I have been using this repository since all the trouble with servers last year.

I use a vpn, and i cannot find anything that the repository has been changed ,any advice would be much appteceiated,

many thanks


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Hi Husham,

Many many thanks for your help and i will continue to learn more about the forum,

once again many many thanks