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Latest Rambo IPTV Channels Listing


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The Rambo IPTV specialises in content for Arabic IPTV.
Considering the company has been around for a long time and supporting all their users. This makes Rambo IPTV the Best and Longest Standing Arabic IPTV around
Many other so-called Arabic IPTV companies offer cheaper Arabic TV but found to have been either with bad support. such as TeledunT IPTV which offer lifetime IPTV and personally tested and found it is one of the worst when it comes down to support even after I tried to be the Teledunet support person for his customers, I couldn't deal with the shitty support that the owner was given to their users, Other companies to mention is Taboush which was amazing and wonderful but when it came down to business, they let everyone down when they packed up the company in less than one year. There is more of these examples that are continuing to take place such as the Chinese companies that are selling IPTV for the Arabic countries with Adult channels and making their service the best in EBAY and unfortunately allot of users buying them but in the long run, Rambo IPTV seems to be the one that most users turn around and get back to them.

Rambo IPTV Channel list is posted on husham.com all the time .. At the time of writing the latest link is - RAMBO ARABIC IPTV CHANNEL LIST updated


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Husham, can you tell me how to subscribe to this service? i will need to use it with iptv smarter..thx