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KodenTv Ultimate Kodi Build Best Of Turkey


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Thank you for your intense interest!
We Grow Very Fast With More Than 300 Downloads In 2 Days 🎉🎉



KodenTV Kodi Structure Supported on All Devices 100% Turkish Interface With Most Popular Plugins and Modules Ever Most Advanced Turkish Build.

KodenTV is Free! and it will always be Free.

You can easily install Koden TV even if you have never used Kodi before with the easy installation plugin. Betting You will love it very much.

What is This KodenTV?

KodenTV is more than a media application, there are hundreds of features for the application that allow you to use all your free time in a fun and enjoyable way. Current movies and series (domestic foreign) Turkish dubbing options and all subtitle options are also available according to your preference. Also 4K Movies, 3D Movies and more ..

Turkey and the world for all channels as well as in films and serials kodentv IPTV tens of thousands of live TV channels with features you can find in a single program. It also adds to your enjoyment with categorized yotube contents and the Ad-Free Youtube App . You can have fun with thousands of local and foreign radio channels and music additions.

Remember , you can use your Netflix subscription in the program. All media at hand with one application ..

Is it over ?

It's not over, dozens of tools, the most popular kodi plugins, a great interface .. Get KodenTV app today for all and more.




All the features for the series below apply equally to movies. The movies in the vision are first searched automatically from nearly 300 sources and first at KodenTv



Or you can see all the domestic and foreign series and filter them according to what you want and watch the series you are curious about. For subtitle options, you can choose from 100s of Turkish translators via Opensubtitles and Divxplanet, and instantly integrate with a single click.


You can combine KodenTv with your Netflix, and you can create sculptures with your controller with the only application. Start using the Kodi Official Netflix Plugin.


With the easy-to-use menu on the program, you can access the sections you want with one click. At that moment, your soul wants to watch any national channel. You can search for the desired channel in all languages of the channel you want and watch it with a click. 10 thousands of active channels ...


There are youtube and facebook plugins in the program . You can open your accounts and use them actively in the same program.


With KodenTv, with IMDB- TMDB AND TRAKT.TV Content plugins, you can access awesome filters such as movie - TV series promotions, trailers and other actors, and you can create your own lists to watch later.


Enjoy 24/7 music with music plugins, music lovers on KodenTv with Soundcloud, Vevo, PulseBeats and more. All local and national radios are also here!

Current Version Information:

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Program Attachments: 9
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