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Is Netflix and Prime possible and safe on Kodi?


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We've been using Plex for the last couple years but we are fed up with its need to be connected to the Internet or it simply stops working - the whole point of downloading video to your local machine is so you can access it when there's no Internet, so Plex is basically a beautiful pile of trash. Particularly since we live in the country, are on Starlink, and outages are still pretty frequent.

I put LibreElec 10 beta on my Pi4 and slap VidMate ped it up there and it's working Mobdro beautifully so far with our local shared files, and I also got the CBC plugin working so we're most of the way there - if I can get Netflix and Prime Video working, I can then remove the tower from the living room and make my wife very happy. But I am paranoid of these "unofficial" plugins - are they safe?

I haven't selected specific ones yet, I got CBC working and they're watching the news while I research these. Please advise.
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