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IPTV Providers Blocked By ISPs


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Around the world new and new rules and regulations are coming to be crazy every day for everyone

Users are now facing to use VPN in the UK and USA for some IPTV companies.

When first originally introduced as an experiment, to stop IPTV companies and move everyone back to buy sky and fox and similar service, they found it to fail as more and more left thehese companies for IPTV.

This all changed to the worse when Netflix join the fight against IPTV as more and more IPTV companies storing videos otherwise known as VOD section.

This made a change in the fight as more users came back to Netflix in just under 30 days of Netflix joining the fight.

Now more Europe ISP companies and USA companies about to sign a bigger more lock/block on IPTV services.

Basically if they detected IPTV over the the user internet. They will start first with illegal throatling and followed with legally blocking that link.

Unfortunately this is started to happen first in France and now changing to the rest of the world.

IPTV companies are been forced to tell their users to use VPN to avoid their internet provider to know what they are doing. That way there will be a small chance that the IPTV streams wont be blocked.

Personally speaking I'm always on VPN.