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Internet provider provider companies


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another thing that you should be aware of his all major internet providing companies in North America will now be following in the footsteps of AT&t AT&t is now encrypting in their internet service the message now all providers of streaming have access to that message so if you use Netflix Hulu crackle anything like that you won't experience any buffering or freezing because they already have the second half of the message now if you're using an application for IPTV you don't have that information your provider doesn't have that information so therefore pants all the buffering and all the freezing this is another way that they're trying to put a stop to IPTV so AT&t is one of the major players right now using it Verizon is going to be doing it next and everybody else will be following suit within the next year or two so the days of IPTV have almost come to an end so it's sad but it's true unless our community can find a way to appease them as well as stay ahead of the game we are surely doomed but I'm not giving up hope as we don't really fall into that category because we're not an IPTV provider but we do suffer sometimes from that issue because we are not recognized as Amazon prime or Netflix on any internet provider services so therefore sometimes it does hinder us but hardly never that's why he wants again we asked everyone to subscribe to one of the big five as their backups to help try and put a stop to their witch Hunt my favourite is Amazon prime because not only do I get free delivery I get access to alderbrook solder movies older music and everything else for ten bucks a month