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Illusions the art of mystification.


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hi this past week a lot of clients new clients are asking me how come my website is so basic and so simple looking not fancy at all and that I would do better by upgrading and updating my website to get more clients well here's my response to that thank you for noticing I don't believe in spending a lot of money on a website to create an illusion and mystify customers into believing into something that we're not all these fancy websites out there for IPTV they look so awesome and everything and the promise you the world and then when you subscribe you're disappointed let down and half of what they said ain't true basically I let my service speak for itself with the free trial if you're not satisfied after 24 hours of watching or service I don't know what would satisfy you maybe it's just best that you stayed with illegitimate cable company in your hometown or country as you cannot compare cable to IPTV or Ott they are two different entities while I'm proud of Ott and the efforts that we put into our company on a daily basis which from customer care to quality of product I know and you know we're not anywhere close to cable company but we are trying on a daily basis to be as good if not better we have been a service provider since 1995 I have watched IPTV grow into what it is today with all its trials tribulations and issues applications for Matt's Internet protocol TV use pacolet and if you lose just one pacolet for whatever reason could be your internet provider could be your in your IPTV provider there's a million reasons why packets can be lost then issues arise from net this is why 12 years ago we switched over to Ott it's totally different platform is not anywhere any shape form or design like IPTV number one being we don't use packets to get her service to you so there's no lots of packets so therefore there's no buffering no freezing no issues her services do go down sometimes but it's for scheduled maintenance if you wanted to provide a quality service you have to maintain and do maintenance and when you are an international company providing services all over the world while somebody is going to be without TV for a little while if I do it in the wee hours in North America will that's during the day in Europe if I do it in the wee hours of Europe then that's during the day in North America there's no happy medium we have a crap load of servers but servers need to be updated and maintained as well daily now I can understand the question option that some people might have but I'm 12 years we've never been down once unless it was for scheduled maintenance and the longest issue we've ever had was for 3 days straight no service that was nine years I dreaded that day like no tomorrow . And I don't ever see that happening again