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I just got the Ola TV 15


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I just received the Ola TV 15 upgrade and it does not work
I replied to you on your other thread. Try existing the app and opening again and trying your station. I had to do it several times..and now it’s working fine.


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What would be your general impression of Ola TV? I know it’s free, but what about quality and the number of ads appearing on the screen? I am now looking for the best TV streaming app for Android because I want to watch football matches on time.
I have just installed the benq ht2050a projector in my living room, and I plan on connecting my phone to it and streaming TV channels this way. I don’t know whether it would be a good idea, but it seems to be working now, and the quality is nice. I know most people use PCs to stream, but I don’t have one now.
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Iv found some good uhd feeds and HD feeds on ola but sometimes buffering is constant and just not acceptable. Bit the bullet and went iptv £50 for year and get little buffering now
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