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Http data source exception


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Hey guys

I use an sat ip receiver, so I am my own stream provider. Anyway - when I created my m3u file all channels were working.
To get epg I use a website that changes the m3u in their editor in order to link the path to the specific epg source.
With this m3u I have four channels not working anymore but showing "http data source exception".
Then I thought the epg provider must be the problem but when you look inside the new m3u the important pieces are identical.
Also: when I copy a path from a not working channel into the old m3u, then there the channel is working.
So that's pretty weird. I put both files into this post.
So this made me think that it would be something "around" in the new m3u. But what would that be since it is working on the other channels?
I know that tivimate is pretty picky when it comes to m3u. I had to modify this file for quite some time to show all channels when vlc player already
ran from the first try.
I know there are some posts about this http data source problem in regard to tivimate so I hope someone can give me a good advice.




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