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How to Start a Movie Streaming Website, Service or Platform Like Netflix & Hulu?


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Wondering how to create a movie streaming website? The article will walk you through the process of building a movie streaming app/website like Netflix & Hulu with zero coding.
The pace of the streaming industry has been swiftly growing with the revolutionary takeaway of internet connectivity all over the world. The advent of high-speed internet has branched out several optimistic opportunities via managed OTT streaming services.
This has led to significant revenue generation by which end-consumers can redeem with a high level of satisfaction for every entertaining view that they try.
However, when times change naturally the advancement of technology increases the value of any product or service which is the talk of the town! In other words, if we would welcome this new-gen x technology of Over-The-Top services to flourish in the upcoming years there might as well to check with the other side of the coin too!

The grainy black-and-white TV has evolved into the internet-enabled SMART TV in less than a century. The digital transformation of the entertainment industry is driven by online movie streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, Amazon Prime TV.
A long-established cable tv industry can have an eventual decline as there are more players entering into the competitive streaming spaces and get started with the streaming industry's evolutionary trends. Moreover, the biggest highlight of the picture comes into play, when we find the rise of streaming has given a major plus.

Now with this new advent, people are able to conveniently take any mode of screen viewing such as a mobile, tablet, laptop, or tv, and gives them a personalized viewing experience.

Furthermore, there are major types of streaming services that accelerate maximum monetization growth with the constant rise of spectator viewership.

Types of Streaming Services

The market of OTT streaming services has bifurcated into many monetizing expandable streams that have a huge impact on the streaming industry.
Video on Demand
We all know that the digital streaming entertainment industry has seen unprecedented growth through online content viewing via videos-on-demand. Furthermore due to the shutdown of movie theatres VOD revenue model has fueled massive growth in the market and how to create a movie streaming website.

Live Streaming
Live streaming provides you streaming solutions that bridge your communication with targeted audiences via spectacular and buffer-free video streams. Now if we correlate the existing pandemic scenario millions of people working from home have been consuming streaming of live videos which witnessed a drastic rise in the market line.

But what makes these movie streaming platforms tick?
Let’s take a look at the factors that made the movie streaming platform more successful.

The awe factors that makes movie streaming website a Grand Success

1. User-Friendly Interface

The success of a service is defined by the user experience. Designing a user-friendly interface with a focus on simplicity, structure, and flexibility ensures returning subscribers.

2. Multi-platform Support

A successful movie streaming website/app ensures to deliver services on cross-platform ranging from mobile screen to desktop including multiple operating systems.

3. Availability in Multiple Languages

It is an essential feature to outstretch the movie streaming platform to reach globally to maximize the target audience. It allows viewers to watch and get engaged with the videos in their preferred language.

4. High-end Video Quality

The feature gives the best viewing experience to the users which has the potential to view the video in UHD qualities. The user bandwidth and the internet connection synchronizes to make a great sense of video quality up to 4k resolution.

5. Social Media Integration

Social sharing is a highly-demanded feature that acts as your promotional tool. The feature allows the user to share any sort of video content on any social media platform to wrap millions of audience and to drive conversions.

6. Accessibility

Get more access to your movie streaming content to your users right across devices and platforms. VPlayed’s movie streaming platform provides viewing of the movie across Android, iOS, Web platforms, OTT, Smart TVs, and much more.

7. Licensed Content Has More Value In Movie Streaming Services

Original content is the crown for most of the movie streaming providers just like Netflix. They create remarkable shows like “Stranger Things or Master of None” which received so much buzz and awards. This hype convinces users to subscribe to their platforms.

Offering licensed content is also another million-dollar strategy to keep users hooked within your platform.

8. Storage Space

If the idea is to stream to a wide audience, scalability is a must. While hosting on a server in your premise would have its own set of advantages, it is always good to have a choice to host on a cloud as it offers unsurpassed scalability.

9. Investing in original content
Now the art of filming can become more interesting when you find yourself with a customized movie streaming platform. Grab your audience’s interest with your personalized power-packed set of videos-on-demand solutions and yield surplus revenue directly from them in real-time.
Get unstoppable to connect in actual space & display your artistic films with original copyrights encrypted content within your chosen geo locations to your genre of audience preferences.

Even though owning a movie streaming has become a more accessible choice in the last decade, early beginners have become a significant influence on movie streaming services. Let us take a look at some of them:

The Super Giants in the Global Movie Streaming Industry Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

How to Build a Billion Dollar Movie Streaming Service?
You are on the right track to building your treasure with the solution that practices the most sought headway technology to build an awe-inspiring movie streaming website and application for Android & iOS.

VPlayed proffers the video on demand solution beyond any of your expectations to build your customizable movie streaming website to syndicate your entire video content and maximize viewership to generate revenue.
Approximate Cost to Develop a Movie Streaming Service

Above all, when we talk about streaming your high-iterated videos-on-demand I’m sure the questions of cost to create a movie streaming website would have multiple thought processes revolving in your mind! Isn’t it!

To answer all of your pragmatic thoughts as to how to build a video streaming website like Netflix in an easy manner you can consider the following parameters that fit your financial flexibility!
Since it's an all-time solution for your movie rendering and broadcasting business, you need to look into reliable resources for its storage capacity. Yes, you guessed it right! Showcasing movies is looked into major space occupation on your VOD platform.
Secondly, when we see the major cost to build a website just like Netflix we would check on good network connectivity. It’s highly important to address the primary element in facilitating the best viewing experience to your dearest customers.

Thirdly, as major film distributors or broadcasters, your cost to make a movie streaming website is directly dependent on the quality of predefined bandwidth. To ensure this, you can go for a one-time digital streaming solution and consistently provide desired preroll, midroll, and enroll in quality movie streams.
Next, your key goal is to facilitate the best movie streaming visual imagery that would support the jitter-free visual picturization solution. To address these criteria, you can work on an end-to-end solution of acquiring approximate cost factors to develop a movie streaming online platform that has zero-jitter seamless viewability.
Most of all the significant component of cost to create a movie streaming service lies in its protection protocol factor. According to stats on constantly changing viewing habits, it is said that 60% of millennials & generation X customers consume video streams on a daily basis. Having said that, security encryption gives us the backbone for managed OTT solutions.
Take a look at which has all of these eminent advantages of building your customized movie streaming platform & monetize your art of showcasing movies!


Performance is the key to a successful movie streaming platform and there is no short road to it. VPlayed gets this essence and has designed a potential solution that can stream videos on any device, balance high-traffic, on a global scale that drive business revenue.

If you are about to build a movie streaming website with additional modern features, then you are on the right path to make your brand & aggrandize the potential of your revenue map.